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Established in 2005, Skinny's Webworks is a professional business services company offering internet, marketing, media, social, graphics and advertising services. From website design to television commercials and e-commerce, our experienced group of creative and individuals excel in helping you take a business idea...and make it a profitable reality.
We enjoy creating, growing and making things awesome.  From selling a single product to helping grow a business, the success we can provide for you and your company is what makes our jobs exciting and fulfilling.  That is what we do, that is who we are and we believe...that makes a difference.

Website Development, Mobile & Internet Services...

Standing out from the crowd, building a relationship between you and your customers and projecting a clear message to your visitors are the main goals of successful website design.  Anyone can publish a web page...Skinny's Webworks establishes your complete internet presence.
Website Design Development Hosting!

Graphic Art, Branding & Print Design...

Graphics Design sends a message to your customers about your company.  A professional and effective message communicates trust, emotion and comfort to your audience while generating excitement about your product or service.
Graphic Arts Design Logos Print Services!

Social Media Management & Engagement...

As of 2015, there are hundreds of millions of websites on the internet.  Your website is one of those.  So how does a person find your website, discover your store and see what you have to offer?  A combination of search engine optimization, advertising and a strong social media engagement.
Social Media Marketing Engagement Advertising!

Advertising & Marketing...

Whether your advertising budget is large or small, an effective promotional campaign is a necessity. Skinny's Webworks provides the technical services to promote an artistically professional style, memorable dialog and creative design to attract the attention of your target audience.
AdWords Google Bing Yahoo Ads!

Multi-Media & Video Services...

Modern business promotion includes video advertising, YouTube, TV Commercials and many other forms of multi-media exposure.  Skinny's Webworks works with ViaMedia, YouTube and other providers to put your business and your brand in front of the largest audience possible, while adhering to your advertising budget.
Video Viamedia YouTube Advertising Production!
Roadside Bistro - Food Truck & Catering
RLE Enterprises
Custom Cakes Website
First Aid eCommerce Website
Gas Company Website
Pocono Area Towing & Recovery
Winery Review Website
Homb Builders Websites
Raymond Ferrario Law
RK Furs Website
B & R Collision

Our Portfolio of Recent Clients...

Full Stack Services...

Skinny's Webworks is a full-stack development company.  Full-stack means that we pretty much offer any service your business requires.  If a particular task is not something Skinny's Webworks offers in-house, we utilize our partnerships with other professional companies to handle the work for us, while we manage them for you!
Domain registration (.COM, GoDaddy)
Hosting (HostGator)
Email (HostGator & Gmail)
Website Design, Development and Coding
Mobile & Responsive Website Design
JavaScript, PHP & AJAX Programming
Graphics Design (Raster & Vector)
Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools
SEO, SEM & Search Engine Submission
CMS Systems (Like Wordpress But Better)
Basic & Extended Support Packages

Websites & Internet

E-Commerce & Stores

Full Featured Website Stores (ECWID)
Payment Processing (PayPal, Authorize.net, Etc.)
Amazon Product Sales Management & Stores
Ebay Product Sales Management & Stores
Facebook Integrated Store (ECWID)
Product Data Entry / Imaging Services

Advertising & Marketing

Google Adwords (Ads, Campaigns & Management)
Amazon Ads (Advertise on Amazon)
Facebook Ads (Advertise on Facebook)
Viral & Television Commercials (Viamedia)
Print Advertising (Mailers, Business Cards, Etc.)
Brand Building & Reputation Management

Social Media Marketing

Facebook (Setup, Training & Posting Services)
Twitter (Setup, Training & Posting Services)
Instagram (Setup, Training & Posting Services)
Google+ (Setup & Posting Services)
Pinterest (setup, Training & Posting Services)
Blogger / Blog (Setup & Posting Services)
YouTube (Setup & Posting Services)

Graphics & Video

Graphics Design (Web, Print & Production)
Video Editing (Web, Television & Product)
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