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Whether your advertising budget is large or small, an effective promotional campaign is a necessity. Skinny's Webworks provides the technical services to promote an artistically professional style, memorable dialog and creative design to attract the attention of your target audience.
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The real secret to Google AdWords and other advertising is establishing an effective campaign targeting the correct demographics in the right locations. And...a consistent message campaign between your website, social media and advertising platform.

Online advertising campaigns from $100 per month!

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Skinny's Webworks makes beautiful, content rich websites that are mobile friendly and SEO compliant. So why do you need to advertise?

We always suggest supplementing your website presence with a combination of Google AdWords advertising and often Bing/Yahoo, YouTube and Facebook advertising. We can structure an advertising campaign for any budget as low as $50 per month. But without advertising, your website is one among millions offering the same products and services as many, many other websites. You need to stand out from the crowd!

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Online advertising isn't as simple as displaying a picture that links to your website. Modern online advertising includes creating the right advertisement with the right words and keywords that link and match the words and keywords included on your website.  It also includes targeting the right demographic (male, female, income level, interests, etc.) and within the right location (country, state, town, distance, etc.). It is the combination of these details that make for a successful advertising campaign.

This is why Skinny's Webworks includes a free month of Google AdWords advertising (a $100.00 value) with every website we create. This free month will show you the effectiveness of even a small budget ad campaign. Additionally, using Skinny's Webworks for your online advertising allows us to modify your website content, landing pages, etc. to reflect your advertising...and visa-versa.  If you decide it is time for a holiday ad, we may suggest modifying portions of your website also to reference this holiday.

It is this combination of linking your website content, your social media postings and your online advertising that makes for a successful internet presence. Establishing this link and consistant message increases your visitors, customers and therefore...your success.

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Do all your website pictures include your logo watermark in your image? Do all your emails include a footer with your contact information and website link? Is your logo and message consistent everywhere it is utilized? Did you even know these things are important?

Skinny's Webworks knows all the tricks in the business to effectively market your brand, your logo and your message to the public. In fact...we have even developed completely acceptable marketing methods that are powerful and not widely utilized by other companies. Why?  They required attention to detail and more time during development and design.

Your brand is just as important as your product or service. Anyone can sell a widget, but only professional and successful companies sell a widget well with strong customer support, fair practices and an effort to make the customer satisfied.  And as you know...a satisfied customer sends more business your way while an unsatisfied customer typically leaves bad reviews...that never go away.
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