Multi-Media & Video Services...

Modern business promotion includes video advertising, YouTube, TV Commercials and many other forms of multi-media exposure.  Skinny's Webworks works with ViaMedia, YouTube and other providers to put your business and your brand in front of the largest audience possible, while adhering to your advertising budget.
Video Viamedia YouTube Advertising Production!
Videos are the key to a successful advertising campaign but only if you present them in an unoffensive manner (never auto-start) and utilize them where it makes sense. You don't need a video for a text advertisement to to display a product from various views is a great use of video. Video is also a powerful professional-viral medium.

Full multi-media services from $50 per hour!

Video Advertising Portfolio...

Most of our portfolio includes YouTube video advertisements created for our customers at very reasonable rates.  Others are local television advertisements created by Skinny's Webworks and marketed through our partnership with Viamedia.

Multi-Media & Video Advertising...

Skinny's Webworks offers a variety of multi-media and video services including simple YouTube style exposure video production and advertising via Google Adwords to full video filming and production studio work and Viamedia targeted television commercials.

Regardless of your advertising budget and marketing plan, Skinny's Webworks can increase your presence on the internet and to the country with the biggest attention grabber available advertising!  You can check all the statistics and read all the articles and each one will tell you that while images remain important, video is where the market is going.
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