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Standing out from the crowd, building a relationship between you and your customers and projecting a clear message to your visitors are the main goals of successful website design.  Anyone can publish a web page...Skinny's Webworks establishes your complete internet presence.
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But what is so special about our website design and features is that we adhere to a Mobile First design process including SEO and Google AdWords integration from the start. We consider this a necessity for a professional website and not an after thought like other web designers.

Mobile First Website Design...

The internet world has changed dramatically over the last few years. The vast majority (60+%) of website visitors are using smart phones to view your website and 70+% of visitors are using either smart phones of tablets. If your website doesn't display or function well on a smaller are loosing visitors and therefore, customers.

You may have heard that Responsive Design is the solution to this problem.  It isn't...not by itself and I'll tell you why. Responsive Design is basically creating a single website that automatically transforms itself to fit the size of the display device. This makes it easy for the developer.  It takes less of their time to create and to modify.

The Problem with Responsive Website Design...

Quality website design must consider the size of the design area. Your website must be designed and created for a specific size such as desktop computer, tablets and smart phones.  One design never fits all...period. Developers can take the "easy way out" and make their sites move pieces around in an attempt to fit various sized devices.  This means the desktop design is automatically changed to squeeze the individual pieces of the original design to fit within other sizes. is easy.  No...the resized design was not designed for the smaller screen.

At Skinny's Webworks, we always make two website designs for each customer.  One that is designed to look beautiful on desktops and tablets and a second one that is designed to look beautiful on smart phones.  Two sites for the price of one...designed specifically for the size of the screen...developed for the capabilities of the device. This is the ONLY manner of creating a premium quality business website that works for everyone, on every device.

SEO Still Exists, but it is Changing Dramatically...

SEO used to be a simple matter of assuring that each image included text information to describe the image, the use of KEYWORDS, DESCRIPTIONS and TITLES, etc. Google however has decided differently and all the other search engines are following suit.

Google has decided that in order to show the best, relevant websites based upon their search needs to be based upon the content of the resulting web site...not what the developer claims to be the content of the website. Yes...titles and descriptions remain important as do tags for images. But the main indexing of a website is now being done based upon content.  Content is your visible text, words, H-tags, ALT-tags, images, videos, etc. The things that make up what the user sees on your site.

Content is King!

The bottom line is this...there is no longer an "easy way out" for website designers to create successful SEO. Visible, quality content is the only way to consistently and accurately explain your website to the various search engines and obtain a good ranking. This means your content needs to be reconsidered. What you say is now more important than ever and how you say it is even more so.

Skinny's Webworks has been making quality content websites for years including all the still relevant titles and descriptions to allow your website to rank as best as possible within the various search engines. We will get you the best ranking possible based upon your product and service.

Google AdWords Ready Websites...

Skinny's Webworks makes beautiful, content rich websites that are mobile friendly and SEO compliant. So why do you need to advertise?

We always suggest supplementing your website presence with a combination of Google AdWords advertising and often Bing/Yahoo, YouTube and Facebook advertising. We can structure an advertising campaign for any budget as low as $50 per month. But without advertising, your website is one among millions offering the same products and services as many, many other websites. You need to stand out from the crowd!

FREE AdWords Advertising...

Online advertising isn't as simple as displaying a picture that links to your website. Modern online advertising includes creating the right advertisement with the right words and keywords that link and match the words and keywords included on your website.  It also includes targeting the right demographic (male, female, income level, interests, etc.) and within the right location (country, state, town, distance, etc.). It is the combination of these details that make for a successful advertising campaign.

This is why Skinny's Webworks includes a free month of Google AdWords advertising (a $100.00 value) with every website we create. This free month will show you the effectiveness of even a small budget ad campaign. Additionally, using Skinny's Webworks for your online advertising allows us to modify your website content, landing pages, etc. to reflect your advertising...and visa-versa.  If you decide it is time for a holiday ad, we may suggest modifying portions of your website also to reference this holiday.

It is this combination of linking your website content, your social media postings and your online advertising that makes for a successful internet presence. Establishing this link and consistant message increases your visitors, customers and therefore...your success.
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