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As of 2015, there are hundreds of millions of websites on the internet.  Your website is one of those.  So how does a person find your website, discover your store and see what you have to offer?  A combination of search engine optimization, advertising and a strong social media engagement.
Social Media Marketing Engagement Advertising!
There are secrets and tricks to get you noticed on social media including consistent messages, images in posts, popular posting times and the big one...nine social topic posts for every one business related post.  After all, this is SOCIAL media.

Social media campaigns starting at $25 per hour!

The Right Social Media for Your Business...

Our current typical social offerings include Facebook, Blogger, Twitter & YouTube.  But we are fully trained and experienced in Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Vimeo, LinkedIn and others.  It is always important to choose the correct social media venues to match your business needs and the correct customers.  It is also important to specialize in a few media outlets instead of trying to be everywhere.  We get you where your customers socialize and promote your business and your personality with regular, scheduled postings and special announcements.

Our social media services include setup and management, scheduled postings and authorship, image & video posts and interaction with your customers.
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