Your Business Needs a Website!

If you own any business and don't have a website, you need to correct that now!  If you don't have a website, you won't be taken seriously.  It is today's equivalent to not having a phone number.  The world today is about being online and if your business isn' don't exist, you appear to not care about your customers or your company and you look unprofessional.  It doesn't matter if you don't believe a website is important.  As with most things in business, you don't do it because you like or want do it because your customers want and expect you to have one.  A nice one.  A helpful one.  One they can visit, see who you are and what you do, contact you, call you and judge you based upon the effort you put into presenting them with something beautiful, functional and informational.  If come off looking like you don't care about your customers.  And if your website is junky, customers will believe your product or service is of the same caliber.
My name is Mark Witten and I am the owner of Skinny's Webworks.  I've been in the computer software and website business since 1989 and I'm going to explain something that few other designers will.  The truth about websites and how many of them...suck.

You Are Not A Website Designer!

So you think you can design a website yourself?  Yes...there are many ways to make a beautiful website online and for free.  But beauty is only skin deep and while I won't bore you with technical details right now...most user built websites are ineffective, attract few visitors, loose you potential customers and eventually they fail.  In fact, the reason they are free is to eventually get you to pay after you have expended effort building your do-nothing site.  Have you heard of "Bait and Switch"?  Welcome to the online version.

Google Doesn't See What You See!

When you look at any website, you see the visual result.  Sometimes it is beautiful to behold...visually.  But Google and other search engines are blind and can not see what you see.  Instead, they look at the underlying code that makes your website function.  For may have your company logo displayed and looking marvelous.  But you or your web building software named your image 15769ABC8576.jpg.  When a search engine looks at that image...what can it derive about your logo?  It can't read the name of your company nor understand what that image is about.  If you name your logo image file acme-company-sells-green-widgets.jpg...that means something.  Google can understand that and understand who you are and what you sell.  And that is but one of a thousand considerations when building a website.  And if you don't give all of those thousands of considerations will be ignored by Google while your competition will be given the number one spot when customers search for your services.

Over 60% of Website Visitors are Using Mobile Devices!

I use a laptop exclusively for browsing the internet.  I'm also fifty years old, like classic rock and can't stand Facebook.  My customers for most of my businesses aren't and don't.  If I want to sell my product, I have to be where they are and speak to them on their level.  And where sixty plus percent of them are when searching for a product is on a smart phone or on social media on a smart phone.

I know...What?  Why?  The screen is too is too's hard to type...yadda, yadda, yadda.  But it is the number one device used to browse the internet.  And your business has to not only be there, but be there in a way that looks good on a small screen, runs fast enough on a slow device and offers modern, smart phone input support, swiping and touch.  If not...kiss sixty percent of your customers to the curb.

I Don't Like Social Media Either...But That is Where Your Customers Live!

Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Pinterest, etc.  There are so many that so many different things in different ways.  They are difficult to keep up with, hard to remember to post on and the whole thing seems like a waste of time.  But social media is the modern equivalent of a dinner party with millions of guests.  If you aren't aren't networking with your customers.  And if at this dinner party all you talk about is how wonderful you and your company are...people will ignore you.  So instead of doing a half-hearted post every month or so, or constantly post "We're Great – Visit Us" need someone to manage social media on your company's behalf.  Someone who will interact with others, post things they find of interest, discuss topics related to your business but not exclusively about your business.  In need to make friends.  Then...and only then will people seek out your business on social media, utilize your services and buy your products.

Online Advertising Works When Done Correctly!

Google owns an advertising platform named AdWords.  In is the best single advertising source on the internet.  You start with a budget, add specific words related to your product or service and create little text ads.  When someone searches for something and if their search words match your words, your ad is displayed to them.  But you don't pay a penny unless they click your ad.  And when they click your ad...they go directly to your website.  For as little as a few cents for that click...a new customer has entered your store and then you can sell to them.

But like everything else on the internet, if you don't do it are wasting your time and money.  For of those keywords you use needs to be used in your ad also...and on your website.  It creates a flow from what the customer searched for, to your ad and ultimately to your website and hopefully...a purchase.
In closing...yes...Skinny's Webworks offers all these services and more.  Yes...this article is a bit self-serving.  But this is the truth and regardless who you choose to provide you with these services, you need them to compete in this modern, online business climate.  There are many website and marketing companies out there.  But find one that not only sells you a website, but makes your website and your internet presence work for you.  Or...just contact us at and find out what we can do to make your business idea a successful reality.
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