Why Do You Utilize a "Street Team"?

Traditional advertising including online ads are ineffective for website and internet services businesses.  The vast majority of all website business is initiated by "word of mouth" or "networking".  While Skinny's Webworks utilizes these avenues for sales generation, nothing is more effective than having a motivated "sales person" representing our services.

Welcome to the Skinny's Webworks Street Team!

The Skinny's Webworks Street Team is our external sales group where approved associates earn a commission-based income by offering our professional services to individuals and businesses.  Commissions are paid upon the completion of the project and payment by the client.  Typical commissions range from $150.00 to $300.00.
Skinny's Webworks is a professional company that prides ourselves upon awesome websites that not only look beautiful, but also attract customers and generate sales for our clients.  We offer total business solutions to satisfy any requirements and work as a partner to all our clients to help make their business as successful as possible.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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You should then CONTACT US to discuss our services and determine what physical products (business cards, posters, etc.) you may need to begin referring potential clients to us.
First...read the Skinny's Street Team overview by clicking the DOWNLOAD button below.  Or RIGHT-CLICK and select SAVE to save the document to your computer.
Refer a client to us!  We meet with them and when they purchase a website or service you will receive your commission!

We Can Be Your Website Development Department!

If you run a computer, graphics or advertising related business and wish to offer our services directly to your customers...we will pay you 20% of each job completed!

Yes...basically the same offer, but we will be used as your website contractor.  You put us in touch with your customer and we will handle the rest!  We will work with the customer to meet their needs and requirements, complete the job and continue servicing the client.

We pay you 20% of the job once it is complete and paid.  It's really that simple!

Who Should Join the Street Team?

If you regularly work with other businesses, offering Skinny's Webworks services as an additional sales product can increase your profitability!  Look at our services as just another item available for you to sell to new or existing clients.  For example...
• You run a sign shop and wish to add website design services to your customer offerings.
• You operate a computer hardware or support business and wish to offer internet services.
• Your an existing client of Skinny's Webworks and with to use referral income to offset other services (eg. AdWords, etc.)
• Your a photographer who wishes to offer portfolio website services to your customers.
• You work in advertising and wish to offer internet services, online advertising and social media management.

How Do You Promote Our Services?

• Hang a sign in your store stating "Ask Us About Our Website Services!". (we can provide you with a sign).
• Discuss internet services with your customers and hand them a business card. (we can provide business cards)
• Place our business cards on your counter. (we provide business cards)
• Add our services to your monthly news letter stating "contact Us for Internet Services!". (we can provide graphics)
• Spread the word!  Nothing sells a service better than the suggestion from a trusted business owner.
Website Development & Marketing!